BroadOps for MSPs

Provide an integrated suite of managed network services to your clients

ReconBroadOps enables managed service providers (MSPs) to immediately deploy a comprehensive managed service to MDU housing clients as a standalone solution or as part of an integrated suite of managed network services.

BroadOps’ cloud-based delivery is ideally suited to meet the needs of MSPs, enabling central operations to securely manage client networks in real-time, around the clock.

BroadOps supports a variety of branding and reporting options alongside our core property management tools, which lets the MSP provide tailored solutions to each client, that help solve client business issues and improve business processes.

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How it works

The client (apartment complex) buys Internet service (EoC, fiber etc.).
BroadOps and their MSP partner provide network management, value-add business tools and helpdesk support services for a monthly fee.
BroadOps enables the MSP business ala Barracuda, Sonicwall and similar.

BroadOps Command Center and Recon Workflow

Powerful, Agile, and Scalable.

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