Command Center

The Missing Piece for your Network

The Command Center is BroadOps’ cloud platform that extends the capabilities of the deployed Recon Units, and adds new features for network operators including messaging, network access control, and bandwidth usage monitoring provided inside a web console that allows network operators and property managers the ability to monitor multiple networks in the field.

The Command Center Toolbox contains:

  • • Network Management.
  • • Bandwidth Use Monitoring.
  • • Messaging and Access Control.

Recon Units

Recon Units keep in constant communication with the Command Center to provide you with the most up-to-date information about your network.

Apartment Building

Manage Your Network

Send tenant group or individual messages with an electronic paper trail.

Command Center Laptop View

Access Control

Service shut off for non-payment of rent with the click of a button.

The Command Center is a finely tuned security and traffic-shaping platform designed for demanding and diverse networks.

It provides simple usability and can be scaled efficiently while providing additional features for managing tenant communication.

Screen Shots of the BroadOps Interface

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