Real Time Network Management and Internet Administration

Gain control of your internet
Gain insight into your internet usage
Increase tenant satisfaction
Improve your business operations


your bottom line


your tenants' satisfaction and your occupancy rates

Take Control of your Network with the Touch of a Button

Prioritize bandwidth usage for maximum results

Control an individual's internet access

Communicate easily with a single tenant or all tenants


your tenants internet experience


your internet administration headache

Trusted By Over 100+ Property Managers and Counting

Solving the challenges faced by property managers providing Internet access services.


Building More Intelligent Networks

As more rental properties adopt the all inclusive billing model, property managers need tools to help manage their resources, and that includes Internet services.

BroadOps’ Recon Unit and Command Center gives you control that no other network management device can. Your tenants receive fast, reliable Internet service without separate billing hassles. This is what your tenants want. If you don’t provide it, someone else will!

Gain control over your network, gain insight into usage, and leverage that knowledge to increase efficiency and tenant satisfaction. BroadOps’ patent-pending technology extends your capabilities and brings significant new ones to the table.

Better Occupancy Rates

Better Occupancy Rates

Achieve better occupancy rates by providing better service to your tenants.

Raise Tenant Satisfaction

Raise Tenant Satisfaction

Provide great internet connectivity, and keep tenants happy.

Improve Operations

Improve Operations

Send notifications to tenants to improve communication and improve your operations.

Drive Down Costs

Drive Down Costs

Drive down operations costs while creating a streamlined internet solution for all of your buildings.

BroadOps Command Center: Incredible Tools for Property Managers

Messaging, network access control, and bandwidth usage monitoring provided inside a web console with the ability to monitor multiple networks in the field.

Screen Shots of the BroadOps Interface

Customer Testimonials

The Communication aspect of the Command Center is Amazing! No more mailing out past due notices and leaving repeated phone messages for tenants. In the first month of using BroadOps our delinquent accounts dropped by 87% when we used the internet shut-off capability.
J.Kesler, Cambridge Property Management
With our previous apartment internet network, we were constantly overloaded handling calls from upset tenants. The BroadOps solution changed all of that. Now our internet is faster, less expensive, and far more efficient and reliable. We’re thrilled!
J. Nogle, Illini Manor
The ability to communicate with our tenants via BroadOps is huge! It is convenient and efficient. When there is an important message we need to inform our tenants about, all we do is log onto the Command Center and within minutes a message has been delivered to their desktop.
M. Elder, SAMI

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